Pilates Machines – are they any good?

You have probably come across the term Pilates machines or Pilates reformers. They are known to be a pricey piece of equipment but do they really deliver the results they promise?
Pilates machines were designed to add a fitness element to a Pilates workout and to provide your workout with more versatility. Unlike in case of traditional mat Pilates where your resistance levels are the same, the machine offer different levels of resistance and extra padded support you do not get on the mat. Even though the machines were originally the work of Joseph Pilates, the success that they have attracted all over the world has led to development of several designs that please various interests. Generally speaking any Pilates class will deliver the benefits any Pilates machine will promise, but the main difference is that you are most likely to achieve your workout goals faster with Pilates machine then by using traditional workout.  Before purchasing any equipment it is vital that your read Pilates machine reviews to make an informed choice!

Types of Pilates machines

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The Cadillac Pilates Machine

Cadillac is a very popular machine among people who enjoy performing strenuous Pilates exercises. Joseph Pilates developed the first version of the Cadillac in the early 1920s, making it among the oldest equipment in this niche. It has a plethora of variable length and gauge springs that offer enough resistance to strengthen and tone body muscles. Furthermore, it is flexible, suitable for an array of exercises, and allows people to target specific parts of the body when they are exercising. For instance, beginners and advanced exercisers can work on their abdominal muscles, legs, back, and arms using this piece of equipment. However, because it is bulky, does not fold easily, it is effective if used in a Pilates studio and not in a home setting.

The Reformer Pilates Machine

The Reformer is a flexible Pilates machine suitable for both a Pilates studio and home use. It is also a beneficial piece of equipment, mainly because it is pocket friendly, and accommodates many Pilates exercises. For instance, both novel and advanced Pilates enthusiasts can use its mat station, integrated tower, and half Trapeze to exercise their entire body muscles. Some major attribute that sets the Reformer a part from its competitors is its easy storage options, availability of many models, and added accessories such as training DVDs. Even so, because some Reformer designs tend to be smaller and very compact, they do not allow for full extension.

The Aero Pilates Machine

The Aero is good Pilates machine, especially to people who enjoy routine exercises. It prides itself as being among the best machines, mainly because of its safety apparatuses. For instance, its padded jump board is very comfortable and supports joints while exercising. As a result, people have a lower chance of bruising or hurting themselves even when they are doing rigorous exercises. Moreover, because good designs such as the Aero Pilates Pro stay around 10 inches from the floor, they are very stable and accommodate even the most complex full body and cardiovascular Pilates exercises. Finally, it is smooth and rides quietly if compared to many designs that are available in the market.

Arcs and Barrels

Arcs and Barrels, also known as spine correctors, are good Pilates equipment suitable for both home and studio use. For instance, people can use them to stretch and to do an array of flexibility and strength exercises. They are also cheap and readily attainable from many online and offline sources.

Advantages of Using Pilates Machines

Pilates machine reviews

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There are many advantages associated with Pilates machines. First, if compared to traditional Pilates mats, these machines are very efficient. No matter the design that people go for, these equipment offer added support and resistance. Thus, they help them to burn excess calories and fat faster, build muscle strength, and thus, shed excess weight. Pilates machines also have padded neck and back support that not only protect people from physical harm, but also helps them to maintain good postures and stay upright when exercising. This ensures that individuals enjoy their full benefits.


Another advantage of using Pilates machines is the array of exercises that they accommodate. In addition to the improved flexibility, increased strength, and coordination, people who use these equipments can use several accessories to do various exercise regimens. For instance, the training manuals that come with these systems make sure that people do all their Pilates exercises correctly and have fruitful results. People can also use balls to strengthen or tones their abdominal muscles and accessories such as resistance bands to do various weight-training exercises.

Ease of Use

When using a Pilates machines, people will satisfy their cardio and strength training workouts at the same time. For instance, they can use the rebounder bar in these machines to do leg and cardio exercises, and use the resistance bands to strengthen their arm, and abdominal muscles. Moreover, they do not have to spend hours working out in a gym or jogging to get the result that they want. A 20-minute strength training and cardio workout exercise three times a week is enough.


Pilates machines are attainable in a myriad of styles and design that can please various interests. Those who have small storage spaces can choose smaller, compact, and flexible Aero designs, while those who do rigorous strength training exercises can go for Cadillac or reformer designs. All these machines are comfortable, have padded accessories, and can support several exercises.

Even though the benefits of using Pilates machines cannot be understated, people must choose the best products to have promising results. Therefore, while looking for a Pilates machine, individuals should decide, based on their anticipated outcomes. For instance, the Reformer is a well know brand for those who want to have improved strength and flexibility. The AeroPilates Reformer is usually a good choice for beginners who are at risk of injuries when performing their exercises. Contrary to other brands that have wooden jumpboards, its jumpboard consist of a comfortable, low impact material that reduces the pressure on joints. In addition, the more refurbished AeroPilates Reformer 4500 JP also has an adjustable head rest, standard resistance cords, and shoulder pads that are good for beginners. Overall, people who choose good Pilates machines enjoy the following benefits:

Benefits of Using Good Pilates Machines

Increased Metabolism

When using a good Pilates machine, people will increase their body metabolic rates. As a result, they will burn excess calories and fat, shed excess weight, and build their muscles. Moreover, increased resistance that these equipments helps them to expend a lot of energy and hastens the process.

Improved Body Posture

In addition to increase body metabolism, people will also improve their body postures. Unlike mats and other traditional training equipment, Pilates machines have back and neck support, and allows people to exercise while keeping their backs upright. This helps them to maintain a good posture, tone muscles, and enjoy overall body wellness. Finally, those who know all about Pilates machines will tone their muscles, improve their self-esteem, and avoid problems such as stress and anxiety.
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