Review of the Studio Reformer

ImageThere are several brands of the Studio Reformer designed to complement your Pilates workout including Balanced Body, Gratz Pilates and AeroPilates. In this Studio Reformer review I have found that all the models have similar features and benefits with the only real variants being the robustness of construction, the portability of the different types of studio reformers and the price.

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Studio Reformer Review has found that the models have been built from different materials. For example Balanced Body produces one model out of solid maple wood while others are made out of steel and aluminum. While they are both robust the maple wood model is heavier and in Studio Reformer Review’s opinion it looks a lot better.

The features of the studio reformers reviewed include adjustable footbars and springbars, a sliding carriage and a rope and pulley system. These features enable a user to carry out the full range of Pilates exercises.

The benefits of a studio reformer are many. These machines are designed so that exercises can be done lying down, in the sitting position, or standing up. The machines improve your flexibility, assist in developing your coordination and build strength.

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The machines use your body weight as resistance so there is no need for weights of any description, just the one machine. A weights training regime requires racks of dumbells and different types of machines for specific muscle group exercises: with Pilates training you only need a studio reformer which will do everything that you would do in a gym! This makes the studio reformer a great fitness tool for the home as it is convenient, easy to use and it provides targetted exercises for your whole body.

With a studio reformer in your home you will save time and money because there are no gym fees, you don’t have to travel to get to your training and these machines will tone your body and get you fitter.


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